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28 February 2005


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Yes Ma'am. It sounds awesome.


Good. Read it and let me know. I'm totally retarded about it. Obviously.


I hate that. I tend to rant about books that I don't like the idea of (or the first chapter!)and it's quite humiliating to have to admit their greatness, and my own stupidity. On the other hand, I do get to enjoy a really good book! I'll have to look that one up.


The Printz awards were announced? I asked my CHILDREN'S DIRECTOR about the rest of the book awards and she told me that those weren't announced until spring. This didn't seem right to me, but I have a bad sense of time and I couldn't remember when they were announced and besides she's the CHILDREN'S DIRECTOR and I figured she would know.
If you couldn't tell, I'm not digging my job at the moment. I'm sorry to rant about it here. Can I assume I can find the award announcements on the ALA and YASLA websites?


Oh dear. Yep, they're there. Just google Printz Awards 2004 and they should pop up. Or just go to the ALA site and look around.


I FINALLY got around to reading this one and, of course, loved it. The very ending I was a little 'meh' about but what a page-turner. I wanted more, but I think a lot of its beauty was in its slenderness (which is maybe a totally horrible thing to say about a book that deals with eating disorders?)

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