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13 April 2006


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So glad you liked the book! I too am in love with it. Have you seen www.nickandnorah.com yet? Right now it has an excerpt, but it is going live later this month with podcasts, blogs from Nick and Norah, and the coolest playlist thing ever (good description, no?). You have to check it out.

Also, Olivia Griffiths is standing over my shoulder right now... I hear you're BFF. :)


It really is one of those books that I wanted to just start all over again right after I finished. Loved it. I'll link to the N&N website -- thanks!

Watch out for Olivia. She's trouble and a half.


Hey!This book was really good and I hope there is a second book to it.It left me hanging at the end though.If you know anything else about it email me later.It was the best book I've read lately.

[email protected]



This book was amazing.
I loved every bit of it.

It captures the sub-culture life and feel.

Basically relived this book.


I loved this book too! <3
It was just so fantastic and unforgettable.

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