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26 April 2006


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I'm enjoying the idea that they spelled her name wrong on purpose. (I don't think it's true, mind you, but I think it's funnier.)


I do love a literary scandal. I wasn't really buying her whole "I internalized it" excuse and that's when I thought it was only 7 instances of plagarism, but 29-40 as The Perky One (love that) reported?! Wow, I say her books need to be off the shelves and in a shredder. Sorry but that's not a 'genuine' mistake :)

Fuse #8

McCafferty was just at my library today promoting her new book. Came in like a pro and carried herself with all kinds of class. I'm a children's librarian but I'm seriously considering reading, "Sloppy Firsts" after seeing her handle the Daily News as well as she did.


Maybe we should begin treating writing the way we do with patents. You could licence a bit of text that you really liked from an author and use it for your own product.

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