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13 November 2006


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Oh, awesome cover. I'm so gonna read that. Like, in February. sigh.

Wait. This is a series. Hmm, can I handle the commitment?


Yeah, I love it. The trade cover makes it look kind of generically cheesy, though.

I think the Riverside stories work as companions to each other more than as a series -- the other books (from what I've read) are set in the same vicinity, but are about different people and different times. Swordspoint (which I ILLed yesterday) is about the Mad Duke in his teens. CAN'T WAIT.

Jen Robinson

This book looks right up my alley. I totally consider Georgette Heyer's books comfort reading, and I'm an adult (more of less) fan of Tamora Pierce's books, too (at least some of them). Anyway, thanks! I added this to my to read list. Of course that's almost meaningless, given the rate at which the list is growing. But this does sound like a can't miss for me.


It'll be a treat, Jen -- it was a total comfort read.

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