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18 December 2006


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Totally agree. I hate dragons... except for Temeraire. Totally addictive reads, all three of them.


Oh, good. I'm glad to hear that the others are good.

But however can you hate dragons? Shocking.


i loved these books too! i have been gushing about them for months and making everyone i know read them.


I was surprised at how emotional I got -- I found myself in tears a few times, and at one point (small, small voice) I cheered out loud.


I have the first book as I heard good things about it. Now I have heard more good things...I guess I will have to try and read it soon!


Wonderful series, definitely. Um, don't read Patrick O'Brian though. He's remarkably tedious. C.S. Forester is much closer in spirit to the Temeraire series, what with the empathetic martinet protagonist thing he has going in Horatio Hornblower.


I finally tried Patrick O'Brian. We did not click.

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