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19 December 2006


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You are so not a big fat nerd. And even if you were, you would be my favorite kind of big fat nerd: the kind that is funny, and artsy to boot. I have neither the patience to learn stenciling nor the cleverness to think up things for my own t-shirts to say, so get out there and live my dream! I would LOVE a line of circulation related t-shirts for my day job at the library, though:
"You puke in a book, you bought it." (Yup. Has happened SEVERAL times.)
"If you can't put your cell phone down while you check out your book, you're a bad person."
"Do you know how lines work, Butty-in Butterson?"
or my favorite, understated, screamed-in-my-head-at-patrons on a daily basis,
(Those are for my bad days. I wouldn't mind one for the good days either, that say, "Thank you for paying your fine without complaining. I love you!"

Sarah I.

That is awesome. I am just getting into photo-transfers myself, and having a blast.


I just bought a Tide bleach pen with the intention of sort of doing a similar thing. But I am not sure how good an anchor I can draw. Oh well.

Sarah I: Be careful with using those photo transfers as large swatches on thick t-shirts. They look great, but they can be somewhat unbreathable.


You could always create one on the computer and then use it as a stencil -- I've just been printing my designs out on card stock and xactoing the crap out of them. It's especially fun to do while rewatching Arrested Development yet again.

I might need a "I made out with Gob Bluth on his Segway" shirt.




You so didn't need to explain where that came from.


Most excellent!


Nothing nerdy about it. Pretty creative actually, just in coming up with good ideas.

Now I'm having a flashback to the sweatshirt I had made when I was in junior-high. I had seen the quote somewhere, and liked it so much, I paid a fortune at a t-shirt place to have all the letters put on:

Aunt Em,
Hate you.
Hate Kansas.
Taking the dog.

i hate emo kids

you know, i'll really hate you if you make the gob shirt and don't give it to me. i'm the one that said i wanted to in the first place!!!!

and i better get a damalur-sol tee too. just make sure it makes my chest look classy

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