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16 December 2006


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Fuse #8

Thank you!
I'd seen these images in the past but when I tried to locate them recently I was unable to come up with the name. A tip of the hat to you, m'am.

Lady S

Very cool. I just spent the last 30 minutes looking at The Cool Hunter website.


Yeah, it's on my favorites list now.


Totally cool!


Yep, yep it's cool looking.

But I can't help looking at it like a bookstore employee. Do I really want the design to encourage kids to climb on my merch shelves? How are the sections set up? What happens when you have to do a shift? There seems to be a lot of empty shelf space for a bookstore. All the weird sized/shaped shelves would be a NIGHTMARE for fitting in books. I mean, we thought pop-up books and chunky books and the big Richard Scary books were bad to shelve on standard shelves? Looks at the shapes of some of these. There's all that empty space that nothing would fit into.

Yeah, I'm sorry if I'm being critical here. But the bottom shelf in the picture books section at the Monkey DROVE ME NUTS because it was a visual design element that made shelving difficult and ultimately caused damage to the books.

I'd rather have function and a strong selection and staff than a whimsical floor plan. Whimsy draws folks once.


Think about it like, oh, a Starbucks (or the local independent coffee shop of your choice). For a long time, in many cities, coffee shops were more like coffee counters - where there was basically enough space to sell the coffee, maybe a little extra. Then the coffee experience became key, and you have a lot more people drinking coffee (and a lot more business around the selling of it).

Maybe this is more like a "book experience" of sorts and, like the coffee shops, truly will encourage children of all ages to come and stay, and buy more books? Just a thought...


I hated those bottom shelves, too, Chrissy. They were horrible.

Carl V.

That is too cool!!!

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