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25 January 2007


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How many of us are freaking out that he put a sticker on a non-stickered (more valuable, according to some) Printz Honor?!


"The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants in Your Pants"


The Year of Pleasures in your pants.


Pat the Bunny in Your Pants.


Rats Saw God in Your Pants (I am going to have a difficult time going to work tomorrow and not including "in your pants" to every title I see...)


Thanks for the "game."
Here are some of mine:
I am currently reading “Just Enough Liebling In My Pants.”
I recently finished “Housekeeping Vs. The Dirt In My Pants.”
But I have other goodies on my shelf, like
Last Night’s Fun In My Pants
This Is a Bad Time In My Pants
Love Trouble In My Pants
Max Shulman’s Large Economy Size In My Pants
The Human Stain In My Pants (a winner, I think)
I’m a Stranger Here Myself – In My Pants
And one of my son’s favorite books is “Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog In My Pants.”


I've been driving everyone at work crazy with this.

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir in Your Pants.


I'm on a romance kick again, and they're just too easy:

Fantasy Lover in your pants
Primal Heat in your pants
Night Pleasures in your pants

Dead Man Rising in your pants
That one doesn't work so well.

Though, I've had a song stuck in my head, Out of Control in your pants by She Wants Revenge in your pants, which kind of makes me giggle.


Goedi, your son is now my favorite.

Miss Rumphius in Your Pants
Still Life with Woodpecker in Your Pants
Hole in my Life in Your Pants
Monster in Your Pants


ooo the children's books work great. Awesome Lauren.

Millions of Cats in Your Pants
I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato in Your Pants

Other randomness
The Secret Life of Bees in Your Pants

OK, I need to stop now.


No one's done this one??

Everybody Poops in Your Pants

Some classics..

Where the Wild Things are in Your Pants
The Hobbit in Your Pants
Fahrenheit 451 in Your Pants
Harold and the Purple Crayon in Your Pants

Some Random Fun...

Guilty Pleasures In Your Pants
365 Penguins in Your Pants
The Subtle Knife in Your Pants

John Green


That may well be my favorite ever.

(And for the record, I didn't put the sticker on my first edition of The Book Thief. I put it on the third printing, so it doesn't go down in value. So don't worry.)

Thanks for the link,

p.s. 365 Penguins in Your Pants would be very uncomfortable


-war and peace in your pants
-i am the messenger in your pants
-sloppy firsts and second helpings in your pants
-a series of unfortunate events in your pants

Congrats John Green, "Katherines" is one if my fave books!

voot voot

the mystery of the golden balls in my pants
when she was good in my pants
soldier x in your pants


or maybe even:
1000 families in your pants
Rules of the red rubber ball in your pants
The cat in the hat in your pants
Three's company in your pants
and finally:
Acting out in your pants

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