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18 January 2007


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Carl V.

I weep for the colossal waste of time and energy that this is. If only she was this passionate about something that mattered!

Kelly Fineman

A better title would be "Laura Mallory is unappealing." But I digress. And yeah, who is stupid enough to put their money up for this? Because the law and the practical realities of the world do not favor her success.


I think the really funny part abut that article is that apparently Harry Potter promotes kids questioning adult authority. Hello there? What planet is she from if she hasn't figured out that kids already questin adult authority


At this point (and probably in the beginning) it was NEVER about the book. Book banning IS always about power or envy or fear. Interestingly, those happen to themes that figure greatly in Harry Potter. Ah well.


I truely believe that if she gave the books a chance, she would really understand that they are books that will keep you off the edge of your seat. They will make you break into laughter. They will make you break into hysterical tears. D’you read anywhere in the books where J.K.R says “Oh, try this witchcraft kids…”. Answer: NO!

And exactly how does Harry Potter influence idiotic kids to start school shootings? The moral of the book is always about how good will triumph over evil. If Laura Mallory doesn’t want her children to experience the magic of Harry Potter because of her own ignorance, that’s her problem. But, banning the books from all of us is complete nonsense.

I feel bad for her children, because they have to miss out on the greatness that is Potter. These books have helped some of us through the darkest of times, they’ve given us comfort when we felt useless. All of the characters, Harry, Ron, and Hermione mostly, have become some of our best friends. They have some how gotten stuck in our heads, sometimes being are conscience.

Another thing, Mallory hasn’t even read a Harry Potter book fully. How would she know if they were evil or not? Ignorance. Complete ignorance. This woman has to give up. Harry Potter is what helps some of us get through the day, banning it is like banning an important nutrient that some readers cannot live without.

Oh, and has she not noticed that they celebrate both Christmas and Easter in the books? That hints some Christianity.

She's got a myspace(if it is hers) where she also states that the spells in Harry Potter are the reason for terrorism:) Mallory is an obsessed nut. She should get over her problem and stop blaming Harry POtter for the wrong in the world. And read the books, for a change! Though I suppose she would still read out hints that "drive children to witchcraft etc." Lost case i guess..


Allow me to play Devil's advocate here (which I'm sure she'd be squeelingly excited by)...
Laura Mallory has an argument. True, the seperation of church and state would more correctly prevent Wiccan worship to be forced upon students. And if it was applied in the manner she wanted but across the board then that other fictional tome which holds millions of Americans in its sway would be burned first. And she makes no attempt to actually link Wicca to Harry Potter, other than to list a bunch of stuff she'd heard occurs in the books with the occasional "sataniac" or "demonic" thrown in.
But she's correct in that Wicca is "a U.S. Gov't recognized religion" and thus subject to this other thing that she's heard Atheists talking about, the seperation of church and state. Given the paucity of the rest of her claim, this one logical connection is absolutly remarkable.


Hey, I read Harry Potter, and sure, I dabbled in witchcraft for a while, I couldn't help it. I attempted to kill someone with words and split my soul, pointed sticks at people who irritated me, I even pulled faces at passing cars. Who wouldn't after reading those devil's books? I'd been brainwashed. Next thing you know I'm having unprotected sex and stealing cigarettes from the local pretol station. After reading the series it just seemed right. I can't thank J. K. Rowling enough for opening this whole new way of life.


Please..anyone know how to get in touch with Dr. Phil ??? I think we found an interesting cause for him...Maybe he will be able to brainwash that woman... Seriously, I can't understand why she is still fighting on that case when she loses everytime. Poor children...they don't get to have a little bit of fun...Oh by the way, Helena, I am agree with you...since I have read HP, I am looking for a wand and I am trying to do spells on people who irratated me...went to London to Diagon Alley and found everything....

Laura might want to idk...READ THE BOOKS??????????? It would be wonderful if she cared about something worthwile, as opposed to something thats getting nowhere. Does anyone know her email? I don't want to send hatemail, simply tell her my oppinion and make a few points.


Adults in the world are under minding us kids all the time. We know its fake! We are obviously not going to say it though, cause it ruins the fun! You would think adults would be happy that kids found something they actually WANT to read. But no. I don't know where she is getting all this school shootings and gangs out of this. I mean that has been going on WAY BEFORE all of the harry potter stuff. I agree with the people who said she wanted her 15 minute fame, oh cause she got it, but for the wrong reasons. I'm really upset by this and think "She has nothing better to do with herself than rip kids' imaginations away?" I'm really upset by it.........

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