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08 February 2007


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re: your pet peeve. See my recent blog entry about "for all intensive purposes"; I fully attribute these types of grammatical gaffes to our society's penchant for hearing rather than reading. Most of what I know about grammar comes from reading a lot, not from being taught in school. "Should of" makes perfect sense if you don't read enough to know it's really just a contraction.

"should of" and "could of" is one of my biggest pet peeves too. :-)


Oops, I guess it's Selzer's pet peeve. But my previous comment still holds true.


I've been creeped out by mirrors in darkened rooms for years. No matter how many times I tell myself it's the dumbest thing ever, I have to avert my eyes and flee.


"could of" is horrible horrible stuff


Bloody Mary is my irrational fear too. I was just posting about that myself.

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