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16 February 2007


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Liz B

I want that shirt!!


I am so buying one of these shirts. Has your library ordered a copy of her graphic novel Plain Janes?


I just got "Boy Proof" at the library today. Can't wait.

Holly Black

I want a shirt too!

Little Willow



See? This is why I love you guys. I wore the shirt at work yesterday, and sure, lots of people asked about it, allowing me to wax poetic about the Wonderfulness of CC -- which, don't get me wrong, was great -- but you guys already GET IT!

I'll whip some up -- probably not this weekend, due to the the sci-fi marathon, but ASAP. Sizes? (I've been sticking to the Boys and Mens Hanes Classic Crewnecks.)

Liz B

I'd be a mens small. Cool beans!!

Lisa Yee

Too cool!!!

Holly Black

XL, pleeeeeze.

Laurent Castellucci

Men's small or medium (depends on what they define it as) please.

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