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16 March 2007


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Kelly Fineman

Tampon-applicator puppets is clever and funny, in a mildly troubling way.


Oh, my goodness, Leila, you're a freakin' genuius.

I've always identified with Beezus too!! I was poor Beezus also--just wanting a moment to read. I want one of these too. (Did you make my Snape shirt?) When and how can I buy my shirts?!?


Kelly, check my Etsy shop and if what you want isn't there, just drop me an email telling me what you want, I'll make 'em & email you when they're available.

(I'm so sorry if you've already done that -- when the Gawker thing happened, it was before I had a somewhat decent system in place, I got kind of slammed and I think I may have misplaced some requests.)


LOVE IT. Even though I was the adorable little sister. Hee hee.


Thanks, Leila. It was RIGHT before the Gawker thing. I'll send you an e-mail.

Amanda: Don't you little sisters feel the slightest bit guilty? Even we thought you were adorable!


But... but... *I* always identified with Beezus and I'm the YOUNGEST! Of course, there were three of us so maybe that changed the dynamics a touch...


Beezus! I love Beezus! And I just got paid. Score!


Geebus, Beezus... soon my entire wardrobe will be your shirts. Oh well. They still rule. And of course I was Beezus.

Lady S

I love it! I was just telling my students (second grade) how much I loved Ramona as a kid. Do you remember when she started Kindergarten and her teacher said "Sit here for the present."? We learned about past tense verbs this week and I had to introduce the word present. I wish I could buy every one of your shirts.


You know, I think this one may have pushed me over the edge of my resistance to buying all clothes. Because...I might just need to have it. And a Wimsey & Vane one for my mother-in-law.

daphne grab

i LOVE this shirt! i adore reading ramona but i am so not the boing-boing curl pulling type. while my little sister charmed the world with her dance routine to 'chicken soup with rice' i holed up in my room reading.


I was Beezus. Another shirt I must have :) Have dropped you a message via etsy.

James Sisco

Cool! I always associated with Beezus more too! I guess i'm more like her than Ramona. I love the Beverly Cleary series of klickatat street. I wish Cleary would make more!

dentist Gainesville

Beezus! I love Beezus! And I just got paid. Score!

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