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13 April 2007


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Love the T-shirt! I'm going to feature it on my other blog about T-shirts (www.chicchemise.com). I always knew Jane Eyre would be a good source for quotes -- and you picked one that so perfectly reflects Jane.

And you really should read the St. John Rivers chapters sometime. I know, they are not the most fun part of the book. He's a bit of a git, as Ron Weasley would say. But it makes the ending of Jane Eyre even better (for me anyway).


Oh, I have. He just drives me bats to the point where I can't seem to make it through his chapters anymore.

Sarah I.

Ye gods, another t-shirt that I need with a frightening desire...!


Sorry susan, I refuse to believe that anyone, ever in the history of the world has read those chapters twice.

i hate emo kids

But St. John is so hotttt!

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