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30 July 2007


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Thanks-- I love your ND reviews!

Gina Beirne

I loved your review of this ND book. Someday I plan to re-read them all...in order.
My friend gave my daughter a set of the first four or five books as a gift. She has absolutely NO INTEREST. (What is wrong with her anyway?) I plan on staking my claim!


Thank goodness! About time we had another Nancy Drew review.

From the "who wrote ND" files: Walter Karig wrote the manuscript based upon an outline by Harriet S. Adams. Harriet significantly rewrote this one after Walter turned in the manuscript. Next volume was also done by Walter and Harriet.

"All drained their glasses of fruit punch, Bess looking wistfully at the maraschino cherry which obstinately remained in the bottom of her glass." OK - I dare anyone to find another mention in literature of a character looking wistfully at a maraschino cherry. I nearly spit my coffee on the monitor.


Woohoo. Next one quicker please.

Guess who got to finally finish HP this weekend?

Also, I got the best excuse ever. Girl doesn't show up for the last three days of class (wed, thurs, fri), the big prose exam is on Monday. We hear nothing from her. Keep in mind we cover about a week's worth of material (in a college level course) every day.

She shows up today and claims with a totally straight face that she slept from Tuesday afternoon to Monday morning.


This review had me positively snorting with laughter. Note to self: Do not read bookshelves of doom while at work...


I am going to have to read this, if only to find out more about the Cinnamon Toast Incident.


I laughed all the way through this, starting with Carson Drew's Amazing Magnet Hand. Do the thin lips, heavy-setness and baldness all belong to the same person? Because it would be so hard, and yet awesme, to reconcile that with a purring voice.


These reviews are quite possibly the most awesome things ever. I wish I had noticed Carson's Amazing Magnet Hand when I read this one! Hee.


Oh holy cow; you're a wonderful writer, and this "Twisted Candles" synopsis is fantastic!

Bea Allysa

oH!!hOW i Love the Twisted Candles! I recently finished the novel in a couple of hours.My favorite character is Nancy Drew.She is very brave!.

Bea Allysa

Awesome novel!!So cool..This is definitely a great Nancy Drew mystery.this novel is very descriptive and you can just be there with Nancy. I was right there the whole time.!


Awesome novel!!So cool..This is definitely a great Nancy Drew mystery.this novel is very descriptive and you can just be there with Nancy. I was right there the whole time.!

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