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06 August 2007


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Brian F.

I think the ninja has a better chance of being the love interest. Because with that outfit? Gay!


These are the Nancy Drew books I read as a kid! My younger sister actually had a bunch of them and I'd borrow them between other books.
Ballet flats on a man? Excellent! And I love what I think is the gleam of the ninja's knife.

Levi Stahl

Show us more of these! They're great!

I vaguely remember these. I was reading the Hardy Boys Casefiles books at the same time these were out (though I was too old and knew it), and I remember thinking at the time that the Hardy Boys covers were pretty exciting. I bet I was wrong, huh?


Had I seen these beauties as a stripling, I would have watched a lot more ballet!

Little Willow

I totally read these. Corny but they were BOOKS and I needed BOOKS.


That cover just made my day. Thanks, Leila!


We, uh, have that one at my library. I thought it looked familiar so I double checked the catalog. My mom would only let me read the old Nancy Drews as a kid - the newer ones like this were off limits AND NOW I SEE WHY.


yeah, i totally read that one. i'll admit it.


Ahhh - I have almost EVERY Nancy Drew Files from 1 to 100 (lost interest after 100). The covers make me laugh now, but I remember those books got me reading when I was little.

That cover is a little scary huh :)

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