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28 March 2008


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Wow, I loved those Xanth books. (I think you meant puntastic, not craptastic, btw.)Oh, the memories. Ivy...Flying butter...Okay, that's all I remember. But I loved them! (SVH? Not so much.)

Kate F.

Ew. Yeah, in 4th grade or so I read a Babysitter's Club book to see what the fuss was and felt so disgusted. Never tried SVH.

And yes, in 6th or 7th grade I went on a Xanth binge until my 10th or 12th book when suddenly I was like, "These books are all exactly the same," and found myself less amused by the puns and went cold turkey.


Well, I read a whole lot of them for a couple of years there -- I certainly loved 'em then! Not so much now.

I wasn't a huge BSC person, either, though I thought the recent graphic novel adaptation was pretty awesome. Maybe they should do THAT with SVH.

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