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03 April 2008


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cool! thanks for this. i actually like olde-fashioned-y books, so even bought the first penderwicks before reading it, thinking i would of course adore it, but i didn't like it at all. how's that for a rotten sentence? anyway, i adore hilary mckay's books, so will definitely give this new penderwick book a try.


It seemed, for sure, like a book that people (regardless of age) who liked olde-fashioned-y books (like those by Eager, Enright and Nesbit) would enjoy immensely...

LOL. Since you've just named three of my favorite authors, I guess that's why I liked the first Penderwicks book so much. :) I've got to find the new one. Thanks!


I liked the Penderwicks even though I'm generally not a big old-fashioned-y books fan. So if this is a Penderwicks book AND wins your approval for its charming appeal, I'm sold. (BTW, two seconds there I was worried about the c-word. Whew, it's Charming.)


HA! Yep. I think the word charming is way overused, so I try to avoid it as much as possible. In some cases, though...


Also the Penderwicks are for fans of Ransome's Swallows and Amazons series.


Oh, good call. I always forget about that series.


The first and second book was amazing. So amazing that I don't know what to do say!


I liked the first book and was really lookign forward to the second book. I have to say the second is even better than the first for me (although both are going into my permanent library asap.)

penguin fun

I love the penderwicks!


IIIIIIII Love th penderwicks!I love batty!Is there going to be a movie if I want to be batty!Is there going to be another book?If I am getting it.

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