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19 May 2008


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Jealous that I can't yet read any of these (twenty more days 'til I hit US bookstores!!!) I am still staring at the shoes in PERFECT YOU. Sigh! I'm becoming convinced: this is a woman to watch. But how have I missed her thus far!? Where the heck have I been??


The same place as me, apparently. I only discovered her last month. I mean, I knew she existed before that, but I hadn't read any of her books.

Anyway, she's awesome. But I'm kicking myself that I didn't follow-up on the toilet paper. Which side of the divide does she fall on -- over or under? I'm over all the way.


Such a fun interview! Thank you both!


Such a fun interview! Thank you both!

Jackie Parker

This is great! Bloom was great!

Lucy D  =)

Lol, who doen't love cake in the morning?! Lol, I loved the interview! =) Aw, I love the OC (the first season was THE BEST!) I even have a shirt that says 'LOVE THE OC'-Lol, I'm wearing it right now! =D


How much do I love her picture there? A lot.

You know, Kelly Herold has an irrational fear of squirrels, too. I used to think that was so unusual (which is why I remember it), but, uh, maybe it isn't after all.

Awesome interview.


I'm currently a LIS student at Simmons. I had to do a professional observation at a high school library last semester. Several girls asked for your book. I got interested and read it myself. It was a tragic and wonderful book, even for an old gal like me. I will be recommending your books to all my high schoolers!

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