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12 June 2008


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Andrew Karre

Funny, when I was editing this, Knot always reminded me of Mogget from Sabriel.

a Paperback Writer

I wanna read it!


Looks good. I think the only people who bash ren faires are the ones who secretly want to put on a elaborate costume and go all out with the fake accents and whatnot. (I love it...heh.)


Oh, I see the Knot/Mogget similarities -- Knot seems a little more mysterious to me, though. (Maybe because he doesn't talk? Or hasn't yet...) But I still say that he could totally take Angus!

Yeah, cuileann, Keelie turns around on the ren faire -- one of the things I really liked about the book was that she was clearly drawn to a lot of things about her father's life but that she fought the attraction at the same time. So even though she'd go on about finding the whole thing a Geek Fest, it seemed to me that it was more because she was trying to protect herself (and her mother's memory) than that she really believed it...


I've been wanting to read this book ever since I saw it on Andrew Karre's Flux blog. My library doesn't have it, though. With two kids in college, I try to get my reading material from the library (and believe me, my hold list is a thing of beauty), but I may have to break down and buy this one.

Garth Nix's Abhorsen Trilogy are some of my favorite books, so the mention of Mogget makes me want to read The Tree Shepherd's Daughter all the more - as does Leila's review. Thanks for posting it.


Okay, I just checked my library again (online). The whole system of which my library is a part now owns two copies of this book! They're both checked out, but I've put a hold on the title and I'm first in line. Yea!

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