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25 October 2008


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Katlin Seagraves

I LOVED Paper Towns. By far the best of John Green's novels. I am SO excited that he made the NYBSL.


I am so on the same page with you re: Tim Burton. I can't remember the last movie of his that actually had, say, a third act. (Well, I guess Sweeney Todd did, but that was an adaptation so he was kind of forced to have an ending.)

His movies always look pretty but are fairly empty.


I'm with you on Tim Burton, I've just been generally disappointed and I feel that what he did to Charlie and the Chocolate factory was unforgivable. I'm not only not excited about him doing Alice, but I actually cringed when I found out.
Jeremy and I both just read Paper Towns, as in read it yesterday, in its entirety, separately, with a baby who is learning to walk in the house. I am so happy that John got on the NYBSL. The book was awesome. SQUEEE.

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