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08 October 2008


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February? What is wrong with you?

Lisa McMann

This book is fabulous and I'm about to burst waiting for it to come out. What a terrific summary of the story! Nice job all around.


Ahh I can't wait for this book. I'm glad it feels like more of an adult book than a YA one - I need more of those around here :)


The Compulsive Reader

Glad you liked this one...I am about ready to die of anticipation!


I want this book so bad, more so now after reading your review. February 2009 is way too far away.


Dust of a 100 Dogs definitely seemed like a "first book" to me, but I loved its novelty and various time and scope. The premise is such that you just *have* to give it a read, you know?


wonderful, i loved the thrill and the astonishing adventure that emer had.

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