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18 November 2008


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SDQ Interview with Kathleen Duey.


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I can't wait for the second book! Thanks for sharing Ms. Duey's writing process.


(Oh, GOOD LORD, the gurning championships.
It frightens me deeply that anyone else knows about those... but then, I love that her mind has little crannies for trivia. It makes her writing just shine.)

Hey, I made my own tofu! (Okay, only twice, but I did it.)

Writers like Kathleen Duey make me happy -- because they manage to have lives, life experiences, and write, too, with no hurry about it nor panic -- it reminds me that life is long, and that there's time to write something stupendous, and that maybe I'll get there and be able to live, too. What an amazing person.


I met Kathleen in Bologna this year so I read this interview with great interest. Thanks!


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