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03 February 2009


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Brian F.

EVERYONE I know is coming up ESFP. I think it's rigged.


Yay for INFJs! But I'd say that as much as we may try to be ourselves on blogs, it just doesn't happen.


I tested as ESFP, too - maybe it's the inherent personality of blogs (regardless of the blogger)?


I was an ESFP too! Is there something about blogging books that does it? I'm on the J/P line, but I'm definitely an N.

R.J. Anderson

I'm an INTJ and I also came up as ESFP. Fail, Typealyzer, fail!


Yet another ESFP here, even though I've been ENTJ or ENTP my entire life.


Yup, ESFP here too. And I'm a textbook INFJ.


WELL SNAP! I came up as ESTP! Amazing. Of course, I usually test INFP (or J, I often straddle the line).


INFJ? Hey, that's the rarest type. :)

I'm an INFP. I find people with strong judging tendencies intimidating, as I have difficulty believing in the legitimacy of objective judgment. Teehee. (Can you tell I'm obsessed with the MBTI?)


Oh, blogs! Well then, mine got ESFP too...


I did this a few months ago and came up ESFP, but when I did it just now, I came up ESTP. Huh.

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