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22 April 2009


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This whole thinks stinks of the obnoxious and reminds me too much of how some adult writers/critics sneer at YA. And as an avid YA reader, I'd feel like a hypocrite siding with the group telling me what I should be reading because they are so much better. As I have often been told, if you are great, the reader will find you. If Archer and all of these other British thriller writers are being ignored by readers, maybe they should take issue with the book critics and book bloggers who do a great job promoting books that should be read. (I have purchased so many great books because of various blog reviews.)

I've never read Patterson, Brown, or Grisham, but I believe strongly in a person's right to read what they want. And I know each author does a lot to put themselves out there, the way romance writers and urban fantasy writers do. If these British writers are so fantastic, maybe they should condescend to reach out to potential readers, the way many bestselling authors do.

I know the YA I read is excellent, while the argument here is that Patterson, Grisham and Brown write formulaic drivel, but it still seems wrong to agree with writers who would rather step on other writers to move to the top rather than do the work it requires these days to be noticed. Maybe Archer feels he is above this because of who he is - if he's the same Archer I'm thinking of.


Oh, it's totally obnoxious. I think that's a fair reading -- and it's clearly a publicity stunt. But I still can't help but find the whole thing funny. Possibly because I'm extremely tired of always having to figure out which book patrons are referring to when they say, "I'm looking for James Patterson's new book", since he's got a new one out every fifteen minutes. So a lot of the hilarity, for me, comes from a real backlash sort of feeling.

I'm curious to see which American author is going to join in the ridiculousness.


Glad to see this, even if personally I tend to vote with my checkbook. After the first unsatisfactory book, which usually comes at number three or sometimes earlier, I do not buy anymore bokks of that author. I keep checking them out at the library (one or two years later, but they are rarely worth borrowing.

I do rely on book blogs (go bookshelves!) to discover new to me authors worth reading, and not on bookstores advertising.

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