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18 May 2009


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Brian F.

Yes, stop being a baby and watch the rest of DOLLHOUSE.

Although, you can skip the last episode. Highly disappointing. I'm interested to see where the next season goes. Rumor has it that it was Joss's pitch of season two to the network that made them give the greenlight.

Thanks for the shout out.


No no no, Shania Twain isn't fake country. FAITH HILL is fake country.

(Okay, I know there will forever be debate over this. But that's my take.)


Dollhouse, YESSSSSS!!!

I heard earlier today and was so so so happy. Yay!


I felt Dollhouse improved vastly as the season went on. I was hanging in for the love of Joss but mostly totally annoyed for the first three (four? five?) eps, but the last three-ish were great. Still don't feel there's enough world for them to play in yet, but I guess we'll see?

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