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09 September 2009


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Kelly Fineman

That ought to keep a lot of people employed, since he doesn't write most of his own books anyhow. He just spews out ideas and lets other folks write them. Or so I've heard.


I'd heard that about Patterson as well - it's kind of like the ghostwriters who churned (churn?) out the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books. I guess what we heard must be true, though, because there's no possible way someone could write 17 books in 3 years unless other writers were involved, the books were REALLY short, or someone took a couple actual books and played cut-and-paste with them at least 15 times...


Well, a lot of his books are "co-written", which, according to an article I read a while back (or at least how I remember it), means that the co-author does the majority of the writing and then Patterson tweaks it. Or something like that.

Basically, it didn't really sound like co-authoring to me. (Or what I think of as co-authoring.) It sounded more like that the covers of those books should read 'EDITED by James Patterson'.


"Edited by" may be more accurate, but it's certainly less sparkly. Also, as a cataloger, I chuckle at the thought of what that would do to the library records for his books - Patterson's name would never again be listed first in most library displays. The horror!

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