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24 November 2009


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Oh, your DRESS! Is SO CUTE. And the pose: yes. I always have wondered, especially on Simplicity patterns from the 60-'s-70's. What is UP with the hand/arm placement!?

The TBR cover looks made of AWESOME. You have a real knack for these things!

And again: OY! The CYBILS! I hear you!!! I'm so behind.....!


Way excited about the next TBR tallboy!


I LOVE Dress a Day! Wish I were crafty.


I'm very jealous...the last campaign I was in before moving to the middle of nowhere and therefor making it rather unrealistic to drive an hour and a half for a weekly game was Star Wars...I was a DOCTOR! I had taken an OATH! Sometimes my patients even LIVED!

And your dress is adorable.


Oh dear god, vintage sewing patterns. Also my secret weakness.

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