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21 July 2010


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Cheeseburger was pretty good, although it was a little weird that you could taste the pickles. I'll have to try Jalapeno Popper.


Cheeseburger was our second favorite, actually.

We had high hopes for Taco, but it was just... not very impressive. I mean, it's OKAY, because HELLO, DORITOS, but it doesn't have that special something that the Poppers have...

Kelly Fineman

Thank goodness we have you to do the important research!


I think the cheeseburger flavor is pretty incredible. I mean, they literally taste like a whopper. If they can make a chip that tastes just like a whopper, I'm not really sure how the BP oil leak went on for so long.


You're really making the sacrifices for us, aren't you? Thanks! I'll have to try those. The cheeseburger doesn't appeal to, surprisingly.
Original Doritos will always be my favorite, though. :)

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