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15 July 2010


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Brian F.

Have you seen the other Sassy Gay Friend videos? They're all hilarious. But I knew you'd love this one in particular.


I haven't -- I've been very... not online lately -- but after that one, I'll definitely check them out.


OMG. That is the best one yet. Boo = genius.


Finally, someone takes that awful POS kids book to task.

Adam W.

You are so lucky you already have one, L.


Don't I know it, A.



A bit off topic, but is there any chance you're ever going to make more t-shirts for your Etsy store? I sent this post to my mom (a SERIOUS Giving Tree loather) and she's dying for your greed and arboricide t-shirt. Personally, I would love a Wimsey & Vane 4eva t-shirt myself.


I've been seriously considering it -- but I have to find all of the stuff, which is... somewhere in the attic.


Wimsey & Vane!? Ooh, yes, please!!


Can't think of any character who needed one more.

Little Willow

Oh my goodness. Cracking up!

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