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21 July 2010


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Snickering -- oh, wait, no. Outright laughing at you with the Vegetarian Times sub. Oooh, boy, you're entering the Twilight Zone now.

(I've been a vegetarian my whole life. But I'm still chortling at you.)

Yay! Be proud of those tomatoes! I'll bet after you harvest, you'll promise yourself you'll finish staking them next year. They're so much easier to FIND if they're staked!

I'm jealous of your berries. Straight up jealous.


Yum! This sounds delicious! I should really get myself a Vegetarian Times subscription. I borrow it from the library and end up copying half the recipes.


I love sweet potatoes. Maybe I need to try that recipe.
Also, Maine blueberries are the best!


We've got the blueberries, the tomato plants going crazy (that we finally staked a couple of weeks ago), and an overabundance of zucchini. I need to find more zucchini-less people in our neighborhood to share with. :)


I talked to my mother last night and mentioned my zucchini woes -- she just laughed at me and told me to stash them in unlocked cars.

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