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09 September 2010


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I live in MO (St. Louis) and still manage to be embarrassed by how backwards people in my home state can be.

Maureen E



Weary, weary, weary, WEARY OF THIS.
I hate it when people pretend that high school students are blank slates, pristine and empty, ready to be filled with who others say they are supposed to be.


It is tiresome, especially if you follow them -- because, really, the situations are all. the. same. And it's exhausting to see it played out -- the same arguments, the same outrage -- over and over and over again. That's why I stopped covering them for a while. But then I felt guilty, because I feel like situations like this should be publicized -- that people should know how often it happens. Or, rather, how often the attempt is made to make something like this happen.


I moused over that photo and LOL'd.


I read your comment, notemily, and did the same -- I didn't think anyone would notice!


High school??? This is a high school??? I'd love to know what the teen pregnancy rate is in the area, to show us if, you know, the kids are doing the dirty nasty sex thing with each other.

What makes me happy is knowing that the high school in New Mexico for the GLW book fair this year asked for ALL Of Alexie's books. Every single one. The kids love him and the parents are 100% onboard with his stuff.

But man. This so pisses me off.


Man, even here in Utah, the conservative capitol of the world, True Diary is on the school approved lists. WTF Missouri?


Nice video even watching it for the second time. He's a great public speaker.


That section is one of my absolute favorite moments in literature. I can't believe that someone would blow that section up as an example of why the book shouldn't be in our schools. (also, appreciating the mouseover)

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