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30 September 2010


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If one decides to challenge a book, they should at the very least READ IT. I thought the Hunger Games sounded strange and weird until I actually read it.
The copy on the back or the flaps or the reviews one reads don't ever give one the full picture.


There should be a law that if you want to challenge a book you have to read the whole thing, and not just the jacket flap.

Maureen E

WHAT? Augh.


Honestly, it's about time! It's always about the sex with these wannabe banners; violence deserves some recognition too. It worries me that people are disturbed by sex and not violence.


::deeeeeeep sigh::


Man, Hunger Games is ON YOUR SIDE! It's the most anti-violence thing I've ever read.


WOO-HOO!!! The Hunger Games ROCKS! We knew it would be challenged, and that makes people want to read it even more. Maybe some lessons will be learned by a few ignorant people.


There may actually be cause for concern here. If the adults aren't bright enough to come away from the book with an understanding of how it speaks against violence-as-entertainment, what makes you think their kids are going to be able to figure it out?


This is a fine example of why "Have you read the book in its entirety?" is an important question to have on any materials removal request form.


Or it should just be banned for being a pointless, shallow, crappy mess. Go read Battle Royale people! Much better science fiction that actually offers a meaningful commentary for our lives today.


Hunger Games should not be challenged -- but I have not let my sci-fi loving 4th grader read it because the violence, which yes is clearly depicted as completely wrong, is also described in such exquisite detail that I think 9 is too young.

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