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26 October 2010


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Oh, my word. The WREATH!?!? Did you see the WREATH!?
My only question is if I WANT the vermin racing through my house, nibbling on the CANDY I have just draped around the living room. Although, candy corn is pretty much made of wax and happy thoughts, so it might be safe from all but the most determined ants (which are supposed to be going underground to hibernate or something this time of year anyway).

I think you should make the fab table runner for Thanksgiving. Not only will the candy be cheaper, but while the turkey is cooking you can glue, and glue, and glue, and glue, and ...


I almost fainted when I saw the garland.

I used to work at a gift shop that sold, at Halloween, small boxes of decorative (fake) candy corn for, I kid you not, $20. AND PEOPLE BOUGHT IT.

Even the owner was horrified.

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