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12 April 2011


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Can I challenge Twilight for different reasons? Those being "Silly, bad role models, sparkles?!"

Electric Landlady

The Hunger Games is sexually explicit? Did I miss something?


Annie: But I love sparkly things! Just not when they come in the form of Edward "Stalker" Cullen.

EL: I clearly missed it as well, so at least we'll be clueless together!


6/10. Does religious viewpoint refer to the books or to the challenger?

I read "And Tango Makes Three" with my fourth & sixth graders, and then told them that it was a frequently challenged book and asked them why they thought it had been challenged. They were baffled for a while. The 6th grader eventually asked if it was the two males, but he thought I would laugh at him for that answer because it was so stupid.

One fourth grader thought maybe it was the birth scene -- there is a picture of an egg hatching. That's pretty raw stuff for some people, I guess.

I do wonder if the people challenging the book have ever noticed that none of the male/female penguin pairs have the benefit of marriage. The entire animal kingdom IS LIVING IN SIN.


I had the same reaction as Electric Landlady. I'm not even sure what can be STRETCHED...

Beth, I love your entire comment muchly.

I've only read 3, though one (8) it's kind of surprising I even picked up in the first place.


Beth, that is AWESOME. Love it.


I'm so confused. Where are the sexually explicit scenes in The Hunger Games?


No one knows!

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