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21 April 2011


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Brian F.

Uh, huh. That's nice. Now, back to DOCTOR WHO.

Have you seen the Matt Smith series yet?


I haven't even finished Tennant!

It's going to make me cry so much!


OH, my word.
I'm sorry, but quinoa DOES have tails.
How is it that I'm AGREEING WITH JOSH ABOUT SOMETHING!??????????

On the other hand, I, as a mature woman invested in my health, eat quinoa anyway. And I'll have to try that recipe. (I usually just make it with white wine and garlic instead of water - it's so tasty that you don't notice the tails.)


Oh, I don't disagree that it HAS tails, it's just that I think that the tails are part of its charm.

Or it could be that I'm just not -- unlike some people (<--PLURAL!) -- a baby about it. Bwa ha ha ha ha! Tanita and Josh, scared of the Oooo Scary Quinoa Tails! (<--Note that I just ignored the part about you actually eating it and focused on the part where you and Josh actually agree on something. Hee hee hee.)

Sarah I.

I'm a Quinoa newbie so until I read the comments I was going to say "what on earth in this recipe has a tail???" Hee. Anyhoo, I'm gonna try it out. I need more deliciousness in my life. Also, the cookies sound amazing.

Sarah Rettger

Might be an improvement on my current "make quinoa, then dump in whatever I have in the refrigerator and freezer" method. Not that quinoa with kale, Craisins, and walnuts is bad, but I need some variety, y'know?

And dude, you have to pay a whole lot of attention to even notice the tails. Tell Josh that unless he's in the habit of looking at individual grains of rice before putting them in his mouth, it so shouldn't be an issue!


Josh and I agree on nothing. NOTHING.
I did find a beer for him,, however. Sadly, no kokopelli on the label, though it indeed is a fertility god of sorts...


Ha ha ha! Josh has asked, "Why is whole blog world against me??"

To which I just gave an evil laugh.

That beer is COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS. So of course, I'll have to see if they'll ship overseas.

Brian F.

Oh, sweet zombie Jeebus.

Finish Tennant and get to Smith. New season starts tomorrow. You've got twenty-eight hours to catch up. Go!

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