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05 April 2011


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I don't mind Peeta too much. But Gale has totally the wrong look. I always imagined Gale as lean, kind of jungle-cat-esque. This guy looks like he should star in a movie about high school football heroes.


I'm thrilled with Peeta, but thoroughly unimpressed with Gale. I completely agree with Annie that it's weird to see him looking like some kind of meat-head jock.


Right. The movie is now dead to me. :P


I'm not happy with it but my mantra is, "At least they didn't choose Alex Pettyfer." It helps a lot.


The Peeta casting sits fine with me although it will ruin the lighthearted feelings I get whenever I watch Little Manhattan, but the Gale casting is so so wrong. I get the feeling that the casting directors have not read the book or are just approaching it as they did Twilight or I am Number 4. They should have hired the people who cast Britain's Misfits to do the casting for The Hunger Games. I have this theory that the Brits do better diverse casting than Americans, although I am basing that theory solely on the UK Skins and Misfits.


The Hemsworth guy looks like a brewski-spewing WHOO dipshit chestbumper. I too am more hopeful about Hutcherson -- he doesn't look like Peeta in the books but he was great in The Kids Are All Right and he's READ and loved the books (he apparently campaigned hard for the part, b/c he looked forward to playing the Peeta of Mockingjay). I can see him in the part. Gary Ross has so far sounded smart and sane about the movie, so I will keep my fingers crossed. I would love to be wrong about Hemsworth but I worry about suits meddling, saying YOU NEED A STUD FOR THE TEENYBOPPER DEMO and/or YOU NEED SOMEONE THE TRANSFORMERS-TICKET-BUYING YOUNG MALES CAN IDENTIFY WITH. Gah.


I agree with majorie & Wonderfallz re: Peeta. I'm warming to the idea, because Hutcherson, at least, can act, had read the books, and loves the character. And he has a kind of cute, goofy smile that seems pretty Peeta-like to me: http://cdn2.mixrmedia.com/wp-uploads/girlybubble/blog/2011/03/455px-joshhutchersonsep09.jpg

But Hemsworth looks a horrible dudebro, which is the complete OPPOSITE of Gale. I'm trying to remain open-minded.

And yeah, at least it's not Pettyfer...


I'm confused. My first glance at the article I got them backwards, and they still didn't seem quite right. But now it seems like they're the other way around and are even LESS like I pictured. But I have no idea about their acting. Maybe they'll capture the characters so much through their acting that we'll warm to it?


Like rockinlibrarian, when I first saw the pix I had them backwards, and was disgruntled but willing to accept it. When I figured out who was playing who, I was and am outraged.

Okay, outraged is strong. I was and am deeply annoyed when I think about it, and will watch the movie with my arms crossed and a disapproving look on my face.


The people who are doing teh casting learned nothing from The Last Airbender debacle. Given how they have whitewashed the casting of Katniss and Gale, I would not be surprised if they stripped all of the social justice message from the stories and turn it into a straightforward action adventure film. I half expect the only actors of color they plan to cast will be the Careers or, if they really want to be heavy handed about the status quo they want to maintain, everyone in the capitol will be played by minority actors. Oh the more it changes the more it stays the same.


Thank you for saying something. I stared at that article for I don't know how long trying to figure out if it was a mistake. I, too, got the actors switched around, then balked when I realized who was playing who. My confidence that this adaptation will not completely fail is quickly fizzling. So sad.


I got them backwards when I first looked at the article too. But I've loved Hutcherson whenever I've seen him in a movie. The other guy I don't know much about, but I have my doubts about him playing Gale.


Not happy with either one...meh to all of the casting so far for this movie. I was really excited initially, but maybe some of the adult characters will surprise us?


Based on looks alone (I haven't seen either of them in anything), I am wondering what the casting director was smoking. When I think of Peeta and Gale these two lads dont' come to mind. Let's hope they prove me wrong when the movie comes out.


I swore they had the casting backward when I first read about this on Huffington Post, but no.
It is pretty disappointing, but I do agree with Lisa that I'm glad they didn't go with Pettyfer. Beastly was just...beastly.

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