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25 April 2011


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Book sounds super cool!


Oh (off topic!) go look at my new cat (?!) on FB. What should I name him?


Nice, Tulip. Magnolia is also known as The Last Tom Cruise Movie I Was Able To Watch Without Wanting To Punch Him In The Face. (Well, I wanted to punch his character in the face, but not Tom Cruise. If that makes sense.)

CC: You could name him Hercule so that he could attempt to keep his cousin Lemon in line... But really, what's he like? Lovebug? Standoffish? Needy? Vocal? Loud motor? I NEED DETAILS, DAMMIT!


Sadly (because that would be awesome) he's definitely not a Hercule).

Almost dog-like--he follows me around (wouldn't leave the bathroom during my shower, cried a little when I wouldn't let him into my room last night (stray cat=fleas), constantly twining around the ankles. But definitely not groveling--he's got dignity. And SO good tempered, considering that horrible, horrible hole in his neck.

I mean, he refused to stay in the box I was originally planing to take him to the vet in and I could *not* keep him in (so I ended up zipping him into a big book bag--boy was that an embarrassing 6 blocks) but his claws never came out, didn't try to bite, didn't even hiss and no sign of a grudge when I let him out.

But he's also pretty chill, I mean, when I settled down to read out in the office he tucked right up on his blanket and went to sleep. He also twitches when he dreams.

He's also apparently pretty young, a year or two at most. And he's VERY dirty (either that or he's the grayest marmalade cat I've ever seen) but I hope that will change soon.


Hmm...follows you around, has dignity, good tempered...sounds like Hastings!


Inspiration! He's Captain Titus Oates.



Excellent choice!


I just got this today and planned to review it in a couple of days! Oh well. I still might do it.
I hope it's good; I've had a heck of a time finding good books with male protagonists lately.


And Rotters sounds fantastic, will request from the library this afternoon.

Sorry for hijacking your comments with cat blather too; just too excited. . .

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