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11 May 2011


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Todd Ide

I love your blog! Have been following it for a a long time. I just started a book review blog that I am using with my undergrads who are taking my Children's and adolescent Lit classes. It is at http://ustudentreviews.blogspot.com/

Hope you'll check it out!


I've been wondering if this was any good. I'm a Holmes fan and was afraid to dip my toe in the water.


How does it compare to Enola? (I LOVE those books!)


Ok I have read almost all the Sherlock Holme stories several times (I think I just ahve Hound of the Baskerville's left to read for the first time, but did read the rest over many years) and nothing is coming to me. So maybe only Sherlock Holmes fans with half decent memories will find the mystery very obvious (not me, I can read the stories over and over and rarely remember who dunnit).

PS. I find the idea of emo Holmes so adorablez


Kate: I've only read the first Enola book (LOVE.), but judging by the first book in each series, I'd say apples and oranges: They're aimed at totally different audiences, and this one was was more adventure-oriented-with-some-mystery, while Enola was more puzzle-oriented-with-some-adventure. If that makes sense.

Jodie: Emo Holmes makes me happy too, somehow. Also: SPOILER! Bees. END SPOILER.

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