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05 August 2011


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Sometimes I would like to read more, but I can't imagine not reading a single book in a year. Four to seven books in a year also seems like a really low number.

I wonder, do audiobooks count in polls like this? I know people who may not read a printed book (or e-book) but listen to books while commuting or doing something with their hands (knitting, crocheting, etc.).

Elaine Willis

I think this article is actually from 2007, but that hardly makes it less disturbing.

I am a school librarian and I have had teachers, TEACHERS, tell me they haven't read a book since graduating college.

What kind of an example is that?

As far as the number of books read in a year, I think 100 would be a low number for me!


Elaine: You're right, it's totally an old article: I can't believe I missed the date! Either way, yecch.


To make yourself feel better you should check out Shelfari which is a social networking site for book lovers. One of the most popular groups is the 100 book challenge which was created is response to something asinine Steve Jobs said about how no one reads anymore.
Also, a lot of people may not read books but they are reading magazines and newspapers. They just don't think of that as reading, or the people doing the surveys don't count it.

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