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15 August 2011


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Angela H.

You keep linking to them because we want to see them and laugh about them too. I agree that the waterfall scene not only looks faked but COLD. It looks like they're clinging to each other for warmth, which, with Edward's cold, marble hardness, would be POINTLESS. Heh.


In the book, weren't they in a super-warm place? I feel like they spent a lot of time in the water because it allowed Bella to barnacle herself to Edward without getting frostbite. Or something.

Which, as you said, would make hanging out in cold water totally pointless. Idiots.

Angela H.

Yep, in the book, it's explained that Edward chose to take her to the tropics so she wasn't so cold from him all the time. But, should you barnacle yourself (loved that phrase!) to an immortal, cold being all the time, I think I would be doing it in the whirlpool sauna instead of the cold, jungle waterfall.


Yeah, because it's fun to laugh at them. (I can't watch them without Rifftrax, they're so painful!) Um, is Bella wearing a bra in that waterfall picture or is it supposed to be a white bikini? Because I'm just getting uncomfortable imagining wearing a cold wet bra in a waterfall.


Angela: Ewwwwww! But you're right about the hot tub thing.

dangermom: I really need to do the RiffTrax thing. I've heard that they're AWESOME.


They ARE awesome! Though we just watched Santa Claus and the Ice Cream Bunny last night, and I think it was the most deranged movie I've ever seen. You should probably start with something softer, more of a gateway drug...

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