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16 November 2011


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I have to admit, when I was reading The Hunger Games for the first time, it was during the 2010 Winter Olympics and my brain made Cinna look like figure skater Evan Lysacek


Wow, I had to look him up -- I am so out of touch with the figure skating, which makes me sad because I used to follow it pretty avidly.

Anyway, in the book, the description of Cinna is pretty open to interpretation -- it was the "OH NOOOOOOOES, he can't be black!!" reaction on the part of some fans that struck me as particularly offensive.


On - movie race craziness have you seen that K Stew possibly got offered the lead in Akira? I do not think that is going to end well.


Those comments made me so sad. Reading comprehension failure combined with stupidity and racism thrown in. I can understand having a different image of Cinna in your mind considering Collins doesn't discuss his physical appearance in much depth, but why you would think it was okay to post things like "ew" or "he's white and loving not black!" is beyond my understanding.
I love the casting of Kravitz as Cinna and the young actress cast as Rue has the same delicate quality I pictured.
Woody Harrelson on the other hand does not fit the image I had of Haymitch, but he is a great actor so I will give him the benefit of the doubt.

Catherine Ward

This makes me sick to my stomach.

And it also reminds me of how the publisher (?) whitewashed the covers of The Mysterious Benedict Society books...portraying one of the black characters as white. Which was recently rectified, if I recall correctly.

Like seriously, WTF? People are idiots.

(...although I pictured Cinna as one of my caucasian, slightly flamboyant gay friends...)


Rue is EXACTLY how I pictured her.

Most of these people probably skim and not really read the books. Descriptions are easy to skim because many people see them as unimportant. I, on the other hand, devour every single word on the page.


I was surprised by Lenny Kravitz being cast but because I was, "Wait? Lenny Kravitz ACTS?"


@sassymonkey: Same here, actually! I didn't know about Precious when he was cast. And also I pictured Cinna as being pretty buttoned-down in comparison to everyone else in the Capitol, and I only knew Lenny Kravitz's Rock Star mode, which isn't exactly buttoned-down.

Brooke Shirts

I also pictured Cinna as gay, in that Project Runway kind of way. (Whatever that means.)

Diana Peterfreund

The "this is not how I pictured X" brigade is driving me BATTY. Seriously batty. The filmmakers cannot crawl into your head and cast actors that look EXACTLY AS EVERYONE PICTURES. Same as cover models.

Rue looks just like I pictured, fwiw, and Katniss does not -- BUT I DO NOT CARE. They made the Narnia movie DECADES after I read the books a gazillion times and the Pevensies in my head survived the Pevensies on the screen just fine. (Also, the Aslan in my head looked nothing like the one in the movie.) This is not the point of making a movie from a book. Also, it's LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE.

Flick looks fab. Can't wait.

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