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09 November 2011


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Racism and colonialism in Pippi Longstocking.:


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Kate F

I adore Pippi, but she's right--when my son reads them (or Dr Doolittle, or Tintin), we will have to talk about how was society thought was ok 80 years ago....isn't anymore.


I think that's such a great way of dealing with it, Kate: Books like Pippi (and Doolittle, and Tintin can be an awesomely easy segue into Teaching/Learning Moments about uncomfortable topics.


The comments on the article are quite as interesting as the article.


Yeah, I always read the comments section on articles like this -- they're generally at least as interesting as the article.


The new editions of Doctor Doolittle have edited the worst of the worst out and there's a very thoughtful note from Lofting's grandson (? I'm pretty sure) explaining what they did and why. Another nice way to handle it.

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