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23 December 2011


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I just watched the movie today, and I'm not sure that's fair. "The Secret of the Unicorn" doesn't have an international cast in the first place, but the movie inserts a side trip to a fictional sheikhdom, complete with souk and exotic inhabitants (all of which seemed to me to be pretty Tintin-esque, not modern--it was also very reminiscent of the chase in Indiana Jones).

I'm a lifelong Tintin fan, and I did enjoy the movie. It wasn't horrible and it was fun.


With big movies like this one, I usually do wait until the hoopla dies down a bit -- so when I said I'd watch it in a few years, I wasn't exaggerating! Either way, I found the article interesting -- I've read the Tintins, but not so often (or so recently) that I know them all that well.

Glad you liked the movie -- I'm always more curious to see movies that I've heard mixed responses to than all raves.

Ms Avery

I enjoyed it too. I often hate adaptations of books I like (the BBC's Gormenghast sent me into a frothing rage within fifteen minutes) but the Tintin movie was fun, and there were a lot of cute in-jokes. It wasn't AMAZING, and I won't be buying the DVD, but it was entertaining.

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