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14 February 2012


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kelly jensen

The image you've just left me of running a victory lap is pretty fantastic.

So glad to have gotten to work with you on the first round!


I've been bouncing off the walls since reading the news. I've very definitely been the loudest person in the library this morning.

Not that that's really all that out of the ordinary, I guess...

And it was great working with you as well. :)


Ha! I'm the Unnamed Panelist. And I meant the description in a good way. I used to love Harlequin Romances as a teen. Ate them all up. So I shake my tiny fist back at you as you run your victory lap. :P

Thanks for all your hard work and for nominating this.


Ahahahahaha! I totally assumed it was Tanita. :D Either way, it's a great line. And thanks for all of your hard work -- serving as a panelist is my version of running a marathon.


YES, YOU DID win the Cybils. YOU.

And, hahahahaahah! I knew you'd think that was me, but it was TOTES Anne. :P


I even told my office-mate that I was shaking my tiny fist at Scotland. (Yes, she does think I'm bananas... why do you ask?) I shall have to un-besmirch your name now! HORRORS!!


Ah, see, you should've shaken your fist toward Arizona, where our lovely governor would've demanded to see your papers.


Ooo, goody. I just did it. I feel like such a rebel now.

I'll sit back and wait for her call.

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