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21 February 2012


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I love me some Libba, but I honestly can't believe Beauty Queens is on this list. I've read all except Peet's (sitting on my nightstand at this minute) and Beauty Queens isn't even on the same planet as the others. I don't think BQ ever would have been published without Libba's NY Times Bestselling author status. Anyway, just my opinion.


I LOVE The Big Crunch cover. We used to hear that you couldn't have an illustrated cover for YA. I hope this is a harbinger of change.


@Afton: Yeah, I wasn't as in love with BQ as many others were. I think there was so much going on that it never really came together* for me.

*It's five AM, and I just spent fifteen minutes reading through arguments about which is correct: gelled or jelled. So I went with 'came together', because it's just too early for this nonsense.

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