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30 March 2012


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Maureen E

I've been hearing good things about this one! And I must admit, the cover is amazing.


AND she wears a dress that same color, AND she uses a crossbow. (Though I did picture her crossbow a bit smaller. BUT STILL.)


I LOVED this one! I wasn't expecting too, the synopsis sounded kind of generic. And then it turned out to be awesome. It was a delightful surprise!


Ohhh. This is author of the Theodosia books. I mean, this doesn't sound the same at all, but the writing is fun.

Zabet Reading

YAY! I just picked this one up today!!


@Katie: Yep! This one is geared much older, though.


At first it felt like every other teen historical fiction ever. But then the story really caught me, and I started to really route for the Ismae. Though honestly I would have liked to hear more about them being in the convent and studying. lol.


I fell in love with this instantly - much squeeing and play-by-playing to TBoy, too. I'm thrilled to bits she said "Yes" to a quick SBBT interview - she was really nervous about this book, if you can believe!?!?!

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