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19 March 2012


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I followed the link on the South Carolina story. There's something going on there, but I am not sure what. Several people in the comments in this story and a story in another local paper have said that the parent complained that the teacher was reading aloud from an e-reader and that the text was NOT from any of the books mentioned in the article.

I don't want to give a random comment too much credence (especially as the commenter appears to be an idiot), but the newspaper article mentions complaints about a scene with a prostitute, which I certainly don't remember from Ender's Game. Maybe it's in Devil's Paintbox?

Do you remember anything about prostitutes in Ender's Game? Is this like the story you linked to a couple of months ago where someone was complaining about the blow job in The Absolutely True Diary and I was going, wait, wait, what blow job? I don't know how I miss all this stuff in the books I read. Maybe I am just not reading closely enough . . .


According to the School Library Journal review, The Devil's Paintbox includes a brief encounter with a prostitute. Maybe that's what this parent was so up in arms about, but mistakenly attributed it to Ender's Game. It's been a while since I've read the latter, but I certainly don't remember anything pornographic about it.

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