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21 March 2012


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I am unclear on how they plan to top the 1995 classic Tom and Huck, starring Brad Renfro and JTT.

Just me?




I'm not sure the addition of even zombies can top the acting prowess of Renfro/JTT. That right there is a 1-2 combination of cinematic history. Or something :)

And Rachel Leigh Cook!


JTT FTW! I've approved of him since he showed up as a bad guy on Veronica Mars.


Not only was he a bad guy, he had a horrifically bad hairstyle.


And was the catalyst for the Vmars/Logan Epic Scene.

Wins all around.


And Logan punched him in the face! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Also, YES. Easily one of my top five favorite tv kisses. Although, if asked, I don't think I could really name many others off the top of my head.

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