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07 June 2012


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Alan Moore's Neonomicon challenged in South Carolina.:


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This absolutely baffles me. I mean, shouldn't the fact that the book is shelved in adult be tipoff enough? Every time one of these stories comes out about a parent that is just absolutely shocked about the content that their child finds in an ADULT book, I just want to smack some sense into them.

Also, just because it's illustrated (graphic novel) doesn't mean it's a children's book. Yeesh.


I totally agree! How can parents miss this just from the art? Also, every time I skim through a really graphic novel I get the worst bits 99% of the time, so...how was that missed? *sigh*

Lastly, it is Alan Moore. Doesn't every one know by now he's known for his pornographic stuff? Maybe that's just my household...

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