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23 June 2012


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I love me some mysteries. Which authors do you like? I ordered the new Gillian Flynn mysteries, I loved her first two. One of my mystery pet peeves is when a mystery author feels the need to explain everything that happened in the tie. "so that's where Mary was, I had no idea" That irks me so much, when and author does it right no recap is ever neccesary.

Ilana Waters

Doret--really? I kinda like the all-encompassing explanation at the end. Of course, I sort of cheat by reading it first (blush) . . .


"..and you would have got away with it, too, if it weren’t for me, the Etsy detective and my associate, Mr. Mittens, the wiliest tomcat in New England!”

Oh, someone should write a completely farcical series based off of this premise. As a long-ago devourer of the Cat Who books, I would totally read all of the books in the Etsy Detective series.

"She featured him in her Treasury...of DEATH!"
" Janine! You...you're a reseller!" "A reseller...out for REVENGE!"

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